Thursday, July 14, 2011

Japan haul 1!!

Hi guys!

Ok so I know its been FOREVER since I did a post :( im so sorry. I took on a very heavy load of subjects last semester and things were just crazy busy. But I'm on holidays now so I have plenty of time to catch up :) After my 3 weeks of exams I went back to Japan for the 4th time to visit my friends/host family. In particular I went to see Wakako! I think I have explained before but Wakako was my host family for only 3 days in Japan but we caught up on weekends and we've stayed in touch for almost 4 years now. 

I think I might post some random pics of the trip in another post, but today I have my first Japan haul to show u :D I'm not sure how many posts it will take to show everything but I'm hoping only 2 lol.

Just before I show everything, let me say, when I go to Japan I go to see friends etc but also to stock up on Japanese things me and my bf can't get in Australia. My bf is Japanese and we both really love the quality of Japanese products and theres some things you just cant get here. So i don't shop for this much stuff all the time lol.

These I got from Tokyo Disneyland, I got a plastic folder for uni, a hair band to keep hair off your face, an Alice in Wonderland tin (it came with sweets inside but I really just wanted the tin lol), and the daisy duck egg thing was a gift from the girls I went with :)

Pore strips, Pore's Care which if you put on before the pore strips gets so much more out (I bought 2 packs lol), thanks for the tip Wakako!!, and a Rikkuma chap stick which I just thought was so cute >.<

Blotting Paper, 3 sets of eyelashes, lash glue and Nanoce BB cream (recommended by Wakako, she was so helpful with what brands etc to buy <3)

Hair wax (for my bf and his brother), 4 packs of eye drops (Japanese eye drops are awesome... I love the "Cool" or "mint" ones), and Gatsubi refreshing face wipes for my bf.

I finally got to get some more FANCL!! Its my all time favorite make up remover, it is a little pricey but its so worth it. Also, I got a new camera case cos mine was kinda old and not very cute :P

The latest ViVi magazine, cooling gel strips (for when u have a head ache or fever), Rikkuma gel sticky things (I put them in my bathroom hehe)

Cotton face masks. I ended up getting like another 3 or 4 packs of these, they're so expensive in Australia and in Japan they make them really well and its only like $4 or something for 5 sheets!!

Well, that's all for now, I'll be back soon with lots more products!

Thanks for reading :)

Rachel xo