Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Liebster Award

Jacqueline from The Pretty Little Things has nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thank you for the nomination!

Here are the rules: 

1. 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answers to the 11 questions the person who nominated you has provided.
3. Provide new questions for bloggers you nominate the award to.
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate the award, and link their blogs.
5. Contact each blogger via whatever network you like and let them know you have nominated them.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog.

First 11 Facts about me:

1. I speak Japanese after living in Tokyo for a year to attend a year of high school, my partner is also Japanese.

2. I am in my final semester of a Bachelor of Laws at Griffith University, which is something I've spent 4 years working extremely hard at and made many sacrifices for but which I'm so proud to have accomplished. I can't wait to graduate in July and begin my career.

3. I have a dog named Molly (but everyone calls her Momo which means Peach in Japanese).

4. I have pretty big feet for a girl haha. Size 9/10!!

5. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and I love him more and more everyday <3 He has supported me through everything I've faced or attempted and helps me build my confidence everyday.

6. Jacqueline from The Pretty Little Things is my little sister!! haha hopefully I don't embarrass her too much ;)

7. I'm a bit of a hermit haha, I like spending time with my family and close friends.

8. I enjoy learning about health and nutrition and taking care of the body I have to live in. This is something that runs in the family, my grandma, mum and sister share this trait with me.

9. I'm obsessed with organisation! I can't work in mess!

10. I'm also obsessed with candles, my favourite brand is Dusk <3

11. I love how high heels look, but I hardly ever wear them! I hate being uncomfortable! 

My answers to Jacqueline's questions:

1. Where have you traveled? 
Within Australia I have been to Queensland (where I live), NSW and Melbourne. Outside of Australia I've been to Japan 4 times, and Vanuatu once. I am yet to do a lot of travel but I want to go everywhere! My top 3 places I want to go to are Europe, the Americas (including Mexico, Canada and South America) and Africa!

2. What is your favorite flower? 
I love Peonies!

3. What is your favourite past-time? 
I love talking Momo for walks to our favourite park with Roki.

4. Your favorite perfume is? 
Chanel Mademoiselle!

5. Are you a student? If so what are you studying? 
Yes, study a Bachelor of Laws.

6. Do you have a passion for anything in particular? And if so what? 
Obviously I have a passion for beauty and fashion, but I also love photography and am a huge animal lover. 

7. What is on your bucket list? 
I want to travel to as many places as I can, build a successful career, and make a family :)

8. Why did you start blogging? 
The same reason most people do I guess, to share my passions with like-minded people.

9. What is your dream holiday destination? 
As I am Italian I really want to visit the country! However I also really want to visit Spain, Greece and do an African safari!

10. Winter or Summer? 
Winter!! Only because summer here is disgustingly hot! I do like Spring which is more mild but Winter is my favourite Season :)

11. What is your favorite food? 
Anything salty-sweet!! Chocolate covered pretzels, salty sweet popcorn, salted caramel ice-cream etc.

My eleven questions for my nominated bloggers:

1. Where have you travelled and where would you like to travel?
2. If you could be anything you wanted, what would you be?
3. What is something you are very passionate about?
4. Your favourite fashion brand?
5. Your favourite movie?
6. What is your favourite food?
7. What is your go-to nail polish colour?
8. Do you have any pets? 
9. If you could only use one makeup brand for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
10. Your favourite flower?
11. A night in or a night out?

The Bloggers I nominate:

I'm a little late in posting this so most of the blogs I read with under 200 followers have already been nominated and I don't see much point in nominating them again haha. I'll add gooroobeautyPink, and MadelineKate.



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