Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Ten: 10 Winter Must Haves

Winter is one of my favourite seasons. We're quite lucky in Brisbane, our 'cold' weather is quite mild compared to most areas of the world.

Even so, I thought I would share my winter 'must haves' as the weather cools down...

1. A good lip balm

My fave has to be Lucas Pawpaw Ointment. I've been using it since I was about 16 and nothing beats it! I find many lip balms are moisturising when you put them on, but the more you use them the more you need them. Not this one!

2. A warm snuggly sweater

For those chilly days, pick one you can wear around the house that's nice and comfy but still appropriate if you need to pop out!

3. A fun mug... or 10

I may have a slight obsession with coffee mugs haha. I like picking unique ones that represent my personality.

4. A good pair of boots

I actually just bought these ones from Betts. When we were in America I fell in love with the knee high Stuart Weitzman boots, unfortunately at almost $700 they're a bit on the steep side! These ones are much more affordable but still amazing.

5. A good moisturiser

In the winter I like to switch to a thicker moisturiser, particularly for night time. I swear by Sukin skincare. I can actually read the label and I like knowing I'm not overloading my skin with unnecessary chemicals. In summer I use the more gel based moisturiser, but in winter I switch to this one...

6. Tea

I love my morning coffee, but I don't like having more than one a day where possible. Instead I prefer tea to keep me toasty! T2 has amazing flavours and a huge range!

7. A go to blazer

A blazer instantly glans up you outfit, plus... it keeps you warm! Invest in a good one and it will last you season after season.

8. Thick tights

A great way to transition your summer wardrobe to winter is a good pair of tights. Under a dress or some dressy shorts, you'll get the most of what's already in your wardrobe.

9. A good book

I become a huge bookworm in winter. To save space I've started reading on my iPad but you can't go past a good paperback.

10. An old favourite hoodie

For those days you just want to stay inside in your old fave :)

What are your winter must haves!?


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