Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I know its probably old news to most but Sally Hansen has only recently brought out the salon effects nail strips in Australia. I finally got a couple of boxes today to try and I've only just put them on so it's too early to comment on how long they last but so far I'm quite impressed with the quality! They have a nice smooth finish which is great because I was a bit worried they wouldn't feel very smooth.

When I was first applying them it was a little awkward but after you do a few nails I got the hang of it :)

The two colours I got are 280 Blue Ice (left) and 350 Misbehaved (right)...

Blue Ice is a really pretty sparkly blue and Misbehaved is gold with like a black fishnet pattern.

Today I chose to do Misbehaved and this is how it turned out...

Let me know what you think and any colours you've tried and really love :)

(those are lipstick swatches from today on my hand by the way lol)

Rachel xo