Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Haul :)

So this haul is from 2 different shopping trips... I had to go shopping for birthday presents for my bf's 2 brothers and then after lunch with his family today I went shopping at pacific fair. Sorry about the photo quality in these pics... its like 2.30am here and the lighting is horrible in my room ><

So here goes...

I got this L'Oreal Paris eye shadow trilogy.... I tried to take a picture of some swabs on my hand but they didnt come out very well :( I'm loving lots of coral and peachy colours for spring so I thought this was perfect. The colour on the left is a peach, the middle one is more of a coral, and the one n the right is just a matte brown. The texture of these are great, it goes on very smooth... and what i really love is there's very little fall out!^^ I got this at the Giant Chemist at Pacific Fair :)

Next I got Natio's powder brush. I got this because i need a blush brush and this was the perfect size. It was only $9.95 on special at the Giant Chemist again, but the brush is very soft and great quality... especially for the price!
Then  got Rimmel's 1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Liner Pencil in Wild Cover 014. I love this colour, its like a nude pink and I like to wear it without any lip stick over the top... I just add some lip gloss over the top, I have been using just a Lancome Juicy Tube. This I bought when I was doing some birthday present shopping, at Priceline (you should be able to get this at any drug store) for $8.50, which I thought was really cheap :)

Then I got this Maxfactor Translucent Powder in medium 2. I actually used this tonight when I went to a friends themed birthday party, and I went as a goddess so I wanted a really flawless face. This was amazing! I used over the top of just concealer and foundation and it went on really smooth and looked amazing. Also, I don't usually wear foundation because I feel it makes my skin too greasy, but the powder was very mattifying and took away any shininess and lasted for hours :)

Lastly, I picked up this Neutrogena alcohol-free toner which you just apply as usual after cleansing. I have used it a few times because I actually got this yesterday, and I do find it very moisturizing without making my skin oily... but I would prefer a toner that removes any left over dirt etc from my face after cleansing, but this doesn't really do that.

So I hope you liked my haul, I'd love to here any thoughts on these products so feel free to leave a comment!
3am and its finally time for sleep ><



  1. Aw love your haul! But I wanna see what you wore to your friend's theme party :P
    I'm running out of my powder so I would love to try the Maxfactor's Translucent Powder!! Plus my powder doesn't really keep my face matt.. I hope I can find it in America! :D

  2. U might be a able to find it in Japan too! he box it came in had Japanese writing all over it :)
    A I was so annoyed, my camera had no battery last night so I couldnt take any pics!! :( I tried on my phone but they didnt take well :( ill post them if i can get some off friends ^^