Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just wanted to update on what's been happening...
Its the last week of classes at Uni so things are getting very busy... i was at Uni until 1am the other day ><
But it's also birthday season it seems. I had a 23rd bday last weekend which was a costume party...

The theme was something starting with 'm', because the birthday boy's name starts with m. My boyfriend went as micheal jackson, which looked pretty freaky lol. I didnt have time to organize a costume so i just had to go with what i had... i went as the goddess Metis haha. and my puppy went as herself cos her name is Molly!! lol

The second birthday was a 21st last night. I didnt get a pic of my outfit but i wore an orange, patterned strapless dress and black suede tony bianco pumps :)

well thats all for now...i probably wont have time to post until after classes finish now.

thanks for reading!

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