Thursday, November 25, 2010

September favorites

Hi everyone!

Well as I said when i first started this blog, it's hard to update a lot while I'm at Uni, but as of last Thursday I'm finished until March! I'm so excited to be finished for the year :) So I thought to celebrate I would do a September favorites blog!

So first I have Rimmel's 60 seconds nail polish in Princess Pink. This is a very very light pink colour which I think is perfect for summer (it's currently summer here in Australia).

This is a new concealer from Rimmel which I have been trying out. I love it so far, it doesn't go on greasy and covers dark circles really well which is perfect for me because mine need lots of coverage!! haha. I got mine in soft beige.

Then I have my everyday mascara. I have been using this one for a while now because I quite like it. It is The Body Shop's big and curvy mascara and it definitely lives up to its name, I never have to put on more than one coat :)

Next I have a blush called A Floral Affair by Revlon in the colour Peachy Keen. As you can see I use this one a lot lol. I think it creates a perfect rosy cheek without being too glittery so its perfect for day time. And then I have my Lancome Juicy Tube! Juicy Tubes are awesome because they require minimal reapplying :P They also make your lips  super glossy which looks great in summer.

And the last two are my Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart hand cream which I use every night before bed, and my eye drops. I don't have contacts or anything, these eye drops are just kind of a refresher drop. They are Japanese and just amazing, it's like mouthwash for your eyes!! haha. This brand is Rohto C3.

And I couldn't not add this photo! lol. My little puppy Molly got a new haircut on Tuesday and she looks so cute! Who knew there was a puppy under all that hair haha <3

Well, thats my September favorites, I hope you enjoyed reading and I'll post something again soon!

Rachel xo


  1. I have been wanting to try the roto v eye drops cause my eyes get really dry fast! But I really enjoyed your post.


  2. thanks marcy! yeah if you have dry eyes these are perfect :)