Friday, December 24, 2010

Caring for your feet

Looking after your feet is an important part of your beauty routine, but unfortunately its something many people leave out. If you don't care for your feet properly they can become very dry, cracked and unsightly :S This post will show you a cheap, easy way to make sure your feet stay healthy and happy :)

To do this all you will need is:
1. a good moisturizer (I use Vaseline for dry skin bought at Kmart for around $3)
2.a foot file or pumice (pictured is the Body Shops double-sided foot file for $4.95)
3. cling wrap 
4. a pair of socks. 

Just before you get into bed at night, preferably straight after a shower, use a good moisturizer all over your feet. Focus on the heels and balls of your feet as this is where calluses tend to build up and your feet start to crack as you get older. Also, make sure you apply a generous amount, don't just rub it all in. After applying applying the moisturizer wrap your feet in cling wrap and cover with socks. Leave your feet like this overnight. It may not be very comfortable but your feet will thank you for it in the long run! The reason you should use cling wrap rather than just wearing your socks as normal is because the moisturizer will just soak into the socks without it. If you use cling wrap it has no where to go but into your feet! :) 

When you wake up in the morning take off the socks and cling wrap and rub the remaining moisturizer into your feet. Using the foot file, gentle rub away any hard or dead skin, again focusing on the heels and balls of your feet. If you already have hard and cracked feet you should repeat this as often as possible! You can do this routine as much or as little as you like, depending on what your own feet are like.

 A few notes on the personal side of things.... Merry Christmas!!
I'm actually writing this on Christmas eve :)
It's been a hectic Christmas as always, with friends and relatives staying with us and trying to get Christmas shopping done in between work. But I think its worth it in the end :)
My partner and I got each other a Nikon D5000 as a present, can you see the difference in the photos? I'm in love with it! <3
Just to finish off the post, here's a cute pic of Molly in her Christmas scarf! hehe

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!
Rachel xo

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  1. nice post :) i need to take care of my feet... my heels are super dry >_<
    and molly looking super cute!
    Merry Christmas <3