Sunday, November 18, 2012

Black & White

Hi guys!

Exam time is over so I currently have a week off uni to relax (and catch up on life!) before I have summer classes.

At the end of every semester my boyfriend and I go out for a nice dinner to celebrate, this time around we went to the casino. After we met up with some friends for some drinks. The Quid bar had the most amazing jam jar cocktails! The strawberry one was my favourite, they are made with fresh fruit and flavoured vodka upon order, topped with fresh mint leaves grown in the bar!! I completely forgot to snap a shot of them but I wanted to share my first outfit of the day (or night really) with you guys! Here's what I wore…

We don't have a full length mirror in this house which sucks, so this was the best i could do for now.

Hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to the holidays, I'll be putting up my christmas decorations this week except for the tree. Once everything is up I might take some shots and post them :)

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