Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snow White & Grumpy, + the New Naked Palette

Hi Guys!

I'm back at uni for summer semester now, but on my last weekend of freedom until after christmas I had a costume party to attend! Everyone made an effort and dressed up, all looking amazing. Roki and I went as Snow White and Grumpy! Haha! Not the most typical but everyone thought it was pretty funny. I've posted some pictures below of our costumes, I just kind of threw mine together with what I had but Roki's mum made his for him on very short notice! She did a fantastic job too!

On a separate but very exciting note, as I logged on today I noticed a new post by Kandee Johnson about a new Urban Decay Naked Palett! I have both the first and second and use them daily. The new one is a lot smaller, with only 6 shadows in total but they all look amazing. From the pictures they all appear to be rather pink toned. I don't want to use her photo's but if you want to head on over and check them out just click HERE!

The Grumpy to my Snow White! <3