Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to School: Motivation & Organisation

With the holidays slowly coming to a close and a new year of school and work ahead, I thought I would share with you how I stay motivated and organised when it comes to a hectic lifestyle. Between University studies, work, errands and chores, and finding time to relax a little, my life can very crazy at times. I have had 4 years to adjust to life being this way for me, and am finally to begin to feel as if I have found a good mindset and a work/life balance. For me, staying organised is the key to finding time to do the things you love.

It all starts with my diary….

I got this diary from a store called Kiki.K (you can find it HERE), I love that it has cute little pictures all through, and extra stickers so you can add your own touches. This is a weekly diary but also has a month to month section in the front which I love, I can easily see the major events I have coming up for the given month. I keep all appointments, work hours, uni classes birthdays, bills due - pretty much everything except my to do list - in here. Everything is organised by colour, blue for work, green for birthdays, purple for social things… and so on.

Next up - my monthly planner…

This, again, I got at Kiki.K (you can find it HERE). I love this because I can leave it out on my desk so its in easy view as a constant reminder of things I need to get done, or important deadlines which mustn't be forgotten! For example, I will mainly use this for blogs to be posted and grad program application closes (I graduate in July and am going through the gruelling process of grad job applications and interviews this semester). I may also add my cleaning schedule to this to help stay on top of things!

Daily "to-do" lists….

I like to use a pad like this for my daily to-do lists as i can tear the page off and carry it with me for the day, ticking off things as I complete them. This was actually a gift from a friend last year, I think she got it from a shop called Typo, but you can get these pretty much anywhere.

Planning & Inspiration…

To organise my thoughts and planning out things that inspire me I use an A5 tabbed notebook like this one. Writing things down helps keep me motivated and reaching my goals.

Lastly, these are the pens I picked up to use this year…

These are all medium point felt tip pens, the ones to the left are from Kiki.K (available HERE), and on the right are just some ones from Paper Mate. Keeping the stationary I use fun and colourful helps to make me want to stay motivated, its so much prettier!! Ha ha!

So those are the tools I use to keep myself organised. I try to get everything done as early in the day as possible, giving me the rest of the day to relax and enjoy! I'm also quite big on motivational quotes, I've been considering starting a once a week post with my quote of the week.

In line with today's post, I finally got my butt into gear and started a Facebook page! I know not everyone has blogger accounts to keep up to date… so here are my social media bits:

Facebook: Rachel Michelle (click HERE)
Instagram: rachelmichelle25
Twitter: @Rachy2589

I hope to see you there!

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