Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hand Writing Tag!

Hi guys!

I was tagged by Wakako to do the hand writing tag :) Thanks wakako!


1.) What's your name or blogger name

2.) Your blogs url
3.) The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
4.) Favorite quote
5.) Favorite song
6.) Favorite band or singers
7.) Anything else you want!

I spend all day studying and writing so I'm pretty lazy with my writing, this is my attempt at neat writing haha! I will tag Anna SacconeSuperficial Girls and Chaigyaru.

This paper is actually really cute....

I got this Miss Bunny paper at Tokyo Disneyland when I went with Wakako in 2007. It was the best trip ever :) 

I've got the house to myself tonight so I'm doing a mud mask and getting some study done. Ahhh the life of a University student -_-

Thanks for reading!

Rachel xo