Monday, April 18, 2011


After a very long week of assignments I decided to spoil myself with a little retail therapy to de-stress. Oh boy did I need it :S After two solid days in front of my computer writing an essay I was pretty much a zombi, so my boyfriend took me out to dinner on Friday night for Italian, we hired a DVD to watch, and then we went shopping on Saturday. So I wanted to do a haul post to show you what i got!

I got this baby pink dressing gown at the cotton on body store (I think it's called body love??). It was $29.95 if you bought something else in the store, or $59.95 on its own. It looks like a long dressing gown here but its actually a short one, and its so soft and warm <3

Body Love PJ pants - $19.95
These are so comfy, they're kind of like harem pants so they look more dressy if you want to spend the day in your pj's but are worried about unexpected visitors :P

The Body shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream - $24.95
Sorry this is a bit out of focus, I couldn't get the lens to focus >.< I had ran out of my Garnier moisturizer so I tried to try something new and so far I'm looooving it :)

This was actually a gift from a very generous friend I got a few weeks ago. I was looking at it in the store and she went back and bought it for me! I love it :) Excuse my chipped nail polish btw :S

Gold necklace from Forever New - not sure how much this one was because I actually got it a few weeks ago but it was around $16.00

I got these the same time I got the necklace, from Diva (not sure how much, maybe $15?). I think the animal print is so pretty, and the wooden bangles mixed in give it a tribal feel. I like to buy lots of bangles like this and mix and match them all.

Leopard Scarf from Forever New - $24.95
I've been wanting a leopard print scarf for ages but hadn't found one I'd liked. This one is really cute, and it's cheap, but I did want a nice soft one to invest in. I got this one for now and I still really love it :)

Dusk candles - The bunny one is chocolate scent and it was $5.00, and the other one is chocolate on the bottom and strawberry on the top and was $15.00. I love candles and Dusk is my favorite place to shop for them, I seriously have spent a fortune in that store lol.

I hope you enjoyed my haul and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

Rachel xo


  1. Nice haul <3 The gown looks so soft!! And I need the chocolate scented candles!!! That sounds so delicious!!!!

  2. if u cant eat chocolate u can just smell it! haha

  3. I love the leopard scarf!! My favorite!! As for the chocolate candle, I don't think I could handle smelling it and not eating it!! lol

  4. thanks andrea! :) the chocolate candle is very tempting :P