Sunday, March 6, 2011

Date Night: Hair and Make Up

Every Friday night my boyfriend and I have a date night. We live together so I think it's important to set aside time each week to focus on doing something fun together :) So I wanted to do a date night hair and make up blog, and this is what I did last Friday night...

This week was a more romantic feel, pink and brown eyes, soft curls and polka dots! Oh, and I died my hair a couple of weeks ago! I have been brunette most of my life but I went blonde mid last year, and now I'm back to brown. It's much less damaging to my hair.

So I'll start with my make up. I did a nice soft look, I think pink and brown are just so romantic put together so I chose those colours for the look.

I used number 1 as an all over lid cover, then used 2 and 3 combined on the outer V and smudged it out using a my MAC blending brush.

Then to darken the crease I used number 5. You can't really see the number but it's the bottom colour on the second column. This colour is a bronzy brown colour and I find using brown really brings the warmth of the pink out and stops the pink colour from making your eyes look irritated.

I also used number 4 to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. This just helps to open your eyes up and make u look fresh and awake! All the eyeshadow colours are from my Sedona Lace palette, which I got here.

I only used a bit of concealer where necessary and a pressed powder for my face, which I've been doing a lot recently to let my skin breathe a bit.

I used number 1 (MAC's bare study paint pot) as a base for my eyes to stop my eyeshadow from creasing. The I applied number 3 (MAC's eye khol in smolder) to line the lid and waterline. Lastly on the eyes, I used number 4 (Maybelline's Pulse Perfection mascara) on my lashes.

For my cheeks I used Rimmel's blush in Santa Rose (2), and on my lips I went for a soft nude pink to complement my eye colours. For lipstick I used CoverGirl's 'in the nude' (6), with my new NYX sheer gloss over the top (5).

Then for my hair I just did soft curls. When I curl my hair I like split my hair into 4 sections (2 on the top and 2 on the bottom) and curl away from my face. I used about a 1 inch barrel curler, pulled my fingers through my hair once I finished curling and lightly sprayed with hair spray. I hate the feeling of hard hair so I like to use flexible hair spray instead :)

So, that was my date night hair and make up, I hope you liked it and leave a comment on what you like to do on date night!

Thanks for reading!

Rachel xo