Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fashion: Forever New

Hi everyone :) 

I've been wanting to do a post about tis store for a while now, the name of the store is Forever New and it would have to be my absolute favorite store. Unfortunately I think its only in Australia :( 

I could literally dress myself out of this store alone haha. The clothes and accessories are very feminine and pretty, lots of nudes, cream, lavender and white colours, with so more bold statement pieces thrown in, such as a leopard print dress they have in there current range. 

So I took  few pictures of the current catalog to give you a better idea ^^

Sorry about the glare, I took the pictures at night and the lighting was a bit difficult >.<
So as you can see, very girly and cute, and they stock pretty much everything (bags, clutches, shoes, jewelry, scarves, hats etc). It's not a cheap store, but its not so pricey for most people to afford if they really wanted something, including teenage girls.

And here are some of my own things from Forever New. It's not everything I have, just a few things...

 This is a black chiffon layered dress, and I think it was around $70. Dresses around the $150 mark are common so this isn't too bad in comparison. 

Here are some gold and pearl bracelets (cost around $30 I think), and a gold and topaz ring which I got just the other day for $15.

And this one I included in my February favorites, I use this satchel bag for uni and it was $70. The material is super soft :)

Well, thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to see more on Forever New you can have a look at the website

Thanks for reading and I always love reading comments so please comment below!

Rachel xo


  1. Gotta go back there to get a dress for my 21st... and maybe some other stuff :P
    Decided to go Tuesday afternoon, screw Masato ;D

  2. This store sounds amazing...too bad there is none in the US :( Thank you for sharing it though!

  3. yeah it does suck but then there a lot of stores over there i wish we had in AUS! thanks for the comment :)