Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Disaster

Hi Guys. So it's now been 4 days since the disaster in Japan and the grief continues for a country that has been completely shattered. More bad news was released today as radiation from the nuclear reactors in Fukushima has reached as far as Tokyo. The death toll is currently at 2734and at least 3743 people missing, not to mention the thousands of injured people. I've been n contact with friends and family in Japan, Tokyo currently has water, gas and electricity but are starting to see a shortage of food.

This is a terrible thing to happen to such an amazing country with beautifully natured people. I personally lived in Japan for almost a year, attending 11th grade in High School. The friend's I made and families I lived with were unconditionally kind and giving. Wakako, who's blog I have mentioned before was my host family for 3 days in the summer and it was probably the best 3 days of the year. She became my best friend while I was there and we still talk almost everyday! Her family, luckily are all safe and sound. 

This is a time for humanity to band together, and remember that  we all live together on this earth as equals. Race, language, culture and borders shouldn't determine what a human life is worth. The best way you can help at this stage is through donation. Even if all you can afford is a dollar, it all counts. 

I wanted to include a list of some trustworthy of charities where you can donate. The charities I will include are those that have specific appeals for the Japan disaster so you will know that your money will be going towards the earthquake and tsunami disaster:

(to go to the site to donate just click on the word and it will link you to the page)

A group of me and my friends have decided to put funds together to donate to Global Giving. We are just appealing to friends and family to donate and have set up a secure PayPal account to make things easier. I'll put the link here in case you would like to donate. If we receive a good response I will keep you updated on how much we have been able to raise and when we make the donation.

One last thing, when donating please be careful to avoid scams. It is sad but true that some people use disasters like this to take advantage of people kindness. And if you know of any other safe ways to donate please comment below!

Thats all for now, I will have a more beauty related post up soon :)

Thanks for reading!

Rachel xo
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  1. Thank you so much for this post Reiko!!! This made me miss you even more :(
    Hopefully everything gets better in Japan soon...
    Let's donate, and pray :)

  2. awww i miss u too!!
    I only wish there wa more i could do :(

  3. it is so sad what is going on in japan.. i hope it gets better soon


  4. it is just horrible, and looks like its going to get worse with the nuclear reactors.

    Thanks for showing your support :)
    cute blog btw, i followed ^^