Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Favorites

Hi guys! February is finally over (it's the hottest month of the year in Australia) and it's finally starting to cool down. Being the end of the month I thought a February Favorites post would be fun :) So here are my favorite products for Feb...

Firstly, I have a new mascara I got from the chemist, it was only cheap, like $10. It's the Maybelline Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara, and it would have to be my new favorite mascara! I have tried both drugstore and high end mascara's and I find there isn't much difference so I usually go with drugstore.

My next favorite is actually a repurchase, but I stopped using it for a bit and now I'm back to using it so I thought I'd include it. For my daily make up I like to just use concealer on necessary spots (under the eyes, on any redness or imperfections) and then I use this powder all over my face. It gives a really flawless finish. This one is by JQC Cosmetics and it's a pressed powder in medium beige.

Then I have a new Mineral Powder blush by Maybelline in soft mauve. It's a really pretty darker pink.

I finally decided to try a dry shampoo so I got this Tresemme one for oily/straight to normal hair. This one smells really good, it's kind of citrusy. My hair gets oily very quickly because I touch it a lot when straightening everyday so I love that this makes my hair last longer between washes :)

Next is a fashion piece. I went shopping with my boyfriend a number of weeks ago and I saw this bag and wanted it so bad for Uni but I'd already spent too much money that day haha. But last Friday my boyfriend went back and bought it for me as a surprise! He's so sweet :) It was from Forever New which is one of my fave stores, and was $70. The material is so soft but still really strong so I don't feel like it will break with all my books in it!

Then I got this lip gloss from NYX, it doesn't seem to have a colour name on it though which is weird... It just says Sheer Gloss. It's a really pretty nude pink and I love it because it is matte rather than shimmery, and it smells like grape! yum :)

This was in my daily skin routine post but I wanted to include it here too. This is the green Garnier roll on for you eyes and I absolutely love it!! It really helps with bags and dark circles and it makes your eyes feel really awake!!

 Lastly is my little cutie Molly!! She my favorite all the time though :P Hehe

Well thats all for today, I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading!

Rachel xo


  1. I love your Feb favorites~~ <3
    I've always wanted to try the eye rolling thingy! Guess I'll give it a try since you like it haha :D
    And Molly is soooo cuuuuuute <3 <3

  2. thanks wakako~ :)
    its amazing, and they're not expensive either!