Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daily Skin Routine

So I just wanted to make a post on the products I use in my everyday skin routine. These products really work for me, I use them everyday twice a day. My skin definably isn't perfect but I have always taken care of it and have never had any major issues with skin/acne.

These are the products I'm using at the moment.

Sorry the container is a bit old, its almost empty haha. I wash my face morning and night with this, Biore pore unclogging scrub - oil free. My skin can be quite oily in summer so I like to use a daily scrub.

I also like to use this Body Shop face brush with the face wash for a deeper clean.

For moisturizer I apply Garnier's Youthful Radiance Day Moisturizer. I like this one because it's a gel consistency rather than a cream, which is ideal for oily skin. It doesn't feel too heavy. 

Lastly, for daytime I use this Garnier Roll on which is the green one. This one helps with dark circles and bags under the eyes and I absolutely love it! It firms and makes me feel more awake :) for night time I use the red one, which is the ante-ageing roll on.Prevention is key, if you don't care for your skin you'll regret it one day :P

So thats it for my daily skin care routine. This is simply my opinion and I find these work well for me but remember that all skin is different.

Thanks for reading!

Rachel xo

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