Monday, February 7, 2011

January Favorites

It's about that time for a monthly favorites post! Here were my favorites for the month of January.

1. Revlon ColourStay foundation in 200 Nude. This is a full cover foundation which can be a bit heavy, so to balance that out I only apply it where needed (where I would usually put concealer).

2. This was a gift from a friend and I ended up absolutely loving it. It's a face scrub brush from The Body Shop, I use this with my face wash every night and it gets off all my make up which I didn't realise was being left on my face every night!

3. The Body Shop's Coconut body butter, which was a gift from my awesome friend Emmy :P This smells sooo good :) I use this on my legs mainly because it's so thick it lasts a really long time on your skin.

4. DKNY's perfume Be Delicious. This came in a twin pack, I got it for Christmas, and it smells like red apples! It's my favorite perfume at the moment. 

5. Rimmel blush in 001 "Santa Rose". This is the perfect if u want a pink blush but don't want it to be like a bubblegum pink. It's a sort of muted pink and has a slight shimmer without being over the top. I wear this everyday!

6. This says 4 on the pic but it was meant to be number 6! It's my black Kohl eyeliner from MAC. It's my all time favorite eyeliner! It goes on really smooth and lasts all day :)

7. MAC paint pot in "Bare Study". While this is a great base for your make up, lately I've been using for more of a natural look buy applying some on the middle of my lid, the inner corners of my eyes, and my brow bone. This opens my eyes up and gives a soft dewy look. 

8. Lastly I have my Sedona Lace Palette! If you haven't noticed from recent posts, I'm in love with this palette haha. I first heard about this from a review on Anna Saccone's blog. I like to use bronze colours for everyday and purples or grey colours for night.

So those are my January favorites! What were your favorite things for January? 

Thanks for reading :)

Rachel xo


  1. I love bare study too!! It looks so pretty without any effort lol