Monday, February 7, 2011

Pretty Nude Lips

Hi guys! Today I want to show you my techniques for getting pretty nude lips. I personally like to create looks with bold eyes and softer lips so creating a good nude lip is important. So I'm gong to do 2 types of nude lips, a more pinky nude and a more tan or brown nude.

The products used for both looks. 

This is how the more pink nude looks.

And this is what the more tan/brown nude colour looks.

And here are the steps!

1. In order to cancel out any colours, so whatever lip colour you apply isn't affected by the natural colour in your lips, apply a concealer all over your lips and set with powder. I used Rimmel's Match Perfect concealer in 040 "soft beige" and Maxfactor's loose translucent powder.

2. For pink nude: apply a nude pink lipstick, I used CoverGirl's lipstick in 825 "in the nude".
For brown nude: apply lip liner, I used BYS lip liner in 02 "natural"

3. For a glossy finish, add a matte nude lip gloss. My favorite is Maybelline's "natural achiever".

This is a look I use all the time, I hope this post was helpful for you too!

Thanks for reading :)

Rachel xo


  1. Nice post <3
    I am always on a hunt for the best nude lipsticks!! I wanna check these products out, hopefully America has the same ones haha

  2. i might be able to send some for u :)